do you know that your HABITS are the bridge between you and your DREAMS?
do you recognise that truly powerful people have extremely strong RELATIONSHIPS and NETWORKS?
can you get people MAGNETISED to you in a conversation of less than 30 seconds?
does FAILURE defeat you or does it PUSH you to work harder and smarter?
are you able to TRANSFORM your deepest negative emotions into the driving forces of your life?
do you wish to conquer FEAR and move to the next level in the game of life?
do you admire people who have the COURAGE to stand for what they believe in?
can you COMMUNICATE your ideas clearly and confidently in front of a large group of people?
do you work for money or do you make money work FOR YOU?
are you CREATIVE... can you come up with a dozen possible solutions to a problem which others claim has no solution?
Do you know that the most successful people DO MORE and still HAVE MORE TIME?
have you discovered the
there is a potential GENIUS within each of us. to discover it you will need to

you will need to find the TIGERS in your life.....
your fears
your mental barriers
your obsessions
your passions
your dreams
... and DANCE with them!
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